Satellite launcher 3 Апрель 2015, 11:15

The global trend is towards using smaller satellites for remote sensing, telecommunications, science and other commercial and military applications. That is why MLM offers orbit insertion services using the SHAVIT family of satellite launchers.
 The SHAVIT launcher, developed and manufactured by MLM, is used to launch Israel's OFEQ satellites.

IAI/MLM Division leads the Israeli space industry into the international commercial satellite launching market. Through strategic alliances, constant improvement of its launchers diversity and competitiveness.
IAI/MLM's SHAVIT launcher offers a range of options for launching small satellites into LEO - Low Earth Orbit .
SHAVIT is a three stage satellite launcher, powered by three solid fuel rocket motors, where the 4th stage is liquid propulsion.
Since 1988 MLM has Successfully Launched several Mini Satellites, with Maximum Weight of 290 kg (Westward). MLM is developing the advanced SHAVIT Launcher configurations, which will increase lift capability to 350 kg (Westward).
IAI/MLM continues to pursue after multi-sensor micro satellites and airborne launching capabilities. A unique integration and launch concept based on flight-proven hardware and software reduces significantly launch preparation time, and, consequently lowers overall launch costs. SHAVIT utilizes a unique set of launch preparation equipment. It is largely independent of the launch site and provides full testing of the launcher on the launch pad. This configuration enables satellite launch from different launch sites, according to customer requirements.
The last successfully launch into space with another OFEQ satellite was on April 2014.